5 Reasons Why Dental Implants Are So Popular

It won’t be wrong if we say dental implants are the most reliable and durable tooth replacement solution. It’s because they’re able to deliver better results than any other tooth replacement method.

They replace only the missing tooth with a similar-looking natural tooth, last for decades, and instill confidence.

Continue reading to discover in detail why dental implants are so popular.

Reason # 01: Dental Implants Provide Jawbone Support

When you lose teeth, there are empty spaces left behind. These vacant spaces increase the risk of jawbone deterioration and surrounding teeth instability.

Dental implants permanently replace the broken teeth, boost new bone growth, and prevent bone loss.

Reason # 02: Dental Implants Have High Success Ratio

No one wants to undergo a treatment that has a lot of safety and health concerns. Fortunately, the treatment of dental implants has a success rate close to 98%.

The success rate also depends on the careful planning and supervision of a professional dentist, the dental infrastructure and technology used, and the reputation of the dental clinic.

A dentist performing dental treatment on a patient

Reason # 03: Dental Implants Are Permanent Solution to Teeth Loss

Many dental treatments require periodic repair and replacement of artificial teeth, unlike dental implants that last for a lifetime! Yes, you heard it right.

The longevity of dental implants is one of its many reasons for popularity among people. With proper care and hygiene habits, dental implants could last for several decades. Though the initial treatment cost is slightly higher for dental implants, you’ll be free of the hassles of periodic consultation.

Also, dental implants won’t affect your whole mouth. They only replace lost teeth permanently.

Reason # 04: Dental Implants Improve Your Eating and Chewing Ability

The eating and speaking ability get negatively impacted by tooth loss. Dental implants are fitted to your jaw bone just like your natural teeth.

Over time, they restore your speaking and talking ability. They support your jawbone and prevent bone resorption.

Thus, when you get your teeth back, your eating ability improves too.

Reason # 05: Dental Implants Ensure Natural Look

Dental implants are made to match your natural teeth look and fuse with bone, so they become permanent.

Additionally, dental implants boost your confidence level, and you feel free to talk, smile, or engage in other social activities with credibility and reliance.

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