Bad Breath Facts You Weren’t Aware Of

Morning breath, foul breath, and halitosis are all the common names people refer to when they have bad breath. Bad breath is a problem that everyone has dealt with in their life, and there are multiple causes of bad breath.

According to experts, having bad breath can impact personal relationships negatively. Visiting your local dentist can help. They can offer oral and dental care that can deal with the issue. Here are some facts you might know about bad breath.

Oral Bacteria Can Lead To Chronic Bad Breath

You might not know this, but the mouth is one of the dirtiest places inside the human body. It has favorable conditions for bacteria to thrive. Dentists recommend brushing twice every day to control bacteria growth in the mouth.

These bacteria are the main cause of bad breath—certain foods and poor dental hygiene increase oral bacteria activity. If proper oral care isn’t taken, it could lead to chronic bad breath. According to experts, getting dental care from dentists can reduce bacteria and lower the chances of having bad breath.

People Also Suffer From Temporary Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath and having bad breath are different. Chronic bad breath is a medical condition, while bad breath can happen to anyone. Bad breath can occur from eating certain food and drinks temporarily.

Using gum and mouthwash, practicing regular teeth brushing, and visiting your local dentist routinely can eliminate bad breath. If you find the condition too extreme, it could be due to other issues, which a dentist can help identify.

Medical Conditions Can Lead To Bad Breath

Even though food and drinks can cause bad breath, they could also occur from having a medical condition and medications. Certain medication has side effects that may cause dry mouth, which could cause bad breath. Make sure to read the label for side effects before consuming any medication.

A dentist inspecting the teeth of a patient in a dental clinic in West Hills, CA

A few medical conditions that cause bad breath include sinus infections, tonsillitis, sinus infections, bronchitis, and diabetes. Ask an oral health expert such as a dentist to learn about the causes and ways to fix them.

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