Good Ideas Gone Wrong – What to Know about Professional Teeth Whitening

You tried and therefore you cannot be criticized.

Sure, you might not have followed the instructions on that at-home teeth whitening kit to a T, and sure you might not have kept it on long enough because your gums started stinging. But you tried. And you’ve learned your lesson.

But this is why you’re taking an alternative option now, by getting a professional teeth whitening service. Here’s all you need to know!

The Know-How of Teeth Whitening

Why Whiten Your Teeth

Aesthetics is usually the main reason why most people have their teeth whitened. You might be tired of your dull teeth, or might want to get rid of the yellowing and staining. Whatever your reason is, the right intensity of the whitener will solve that problem for you.

Tooth Discoloration

If you want to maintain the results of your teeth whitening service, we suggest that you stay away from the following culprits that cause tooth discoloration:

  • Tobacco (chewed or smoked)
  • Coffee, tea, red wine, cola
  • Any pigmented treats such as blueberries and cherries
  • Dental treatments that may use antibiotic tetracycline

Always Start with Healthy Teeth

Teeth whitening will probably not improve the overall aesthetic of your choppers if you don’t have your other dental issues dealt with first. Gum recession, crooked teeth, exposed roots, cavities – all of these might be causing more problems than you think. So have those treated first then think about whitening them.

Don’t Let the Tooth Sensitivity Scare You

That sensitivity you felt while using the teeth whitening kit will return, but not at the same intensity. Given that you’re consulting a professional, they’ll know how strong of a gel they have to use. However, if you don’t want to revisit that sensation, it’s best if you pop an ibuprofen or suitable painkiller (only after asking your dentist though), so you don’t feel as much pain.

It’s Not One and Done

So even if you whiten your teeth now, you might still need to have it redone a few years down the line. Aging – as well as your dietary habits – can affect your dental health. So even if you stay clean the whole time, your teeth will still relapse in shade after a year, maybe two.

Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened!

Teeth whitening is an easy process but only if it is done correctly. By going to a dentist, you’ll be diminishing your chances of procuring any damages from the procedures.

So come to us!

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