Laser Gum Reshaping: What’s it All About Anyway?

Genetic dental and oral health issues such as receding or uneven gums can prevent people from smiling with confidence in public.

Fortunately, due to modern technological advancements, dentists and periodontists can correct these issues without the need of invasive surgical procedures.

Laser gum reshaping is one such cosmetic treatment that can rejuvenate your smile in the most pain-free way possible. Here’s everything you need to know about laser gum reshaping:

1. What is Laser Gum Reshaping?

Laser Gum Reshaping is a cosmetic dental procedure is which dentists use laser to remove excess gum tissue from patients. During the process, the shape of your gums is altered with a laser to make the gum line appear more symmetrical.

2. Who needs Laser Gum Reshaping?

Excessive gum tissue that cover too much of your teeth can make them look small and your smile might appear “gummy”. Similarly, having a gum line that is too high can make your teeth appear too big and disproportionate.

Laser gum reshaping is a simple an easy solution to these problems. As gum reshaping is a cosmetic treatment, it isn’t medically necessary in most cases. People with uneven gum lines can choose to undergo the process to improve the appearance of their smile.  Some patients with crowns placed too close to the gum line can also opt for laser gum reshaping to get rid of extra gum tissue that might start growing over the crown.

3. How does it work?

Only qualified dentists and periodontists are allowed to perform the laser gum reshaping procedure. A local anesthetic is given to the patient prior to the process, which numbs the area. Next, a soft tissue laser is used to remove excess gum tissue.

The laser essentially vaporizes these tissues. The controlled coagulation of tissues reduces chances of bleeding and inflammation. Gums are contoured to the desired shape, and any hollow pockets are eradicated, to protect gums from infection.

4. How much recovery time will I need?

As the laser closes off blood vessels and nerve endings, laser gum reshaping does not require much recovery time. Typically, a patient who has been through the process is advised to avoid consumption of hard and crunchy foods for a few days. Post treatment, dentists also recommend switching to a tooth brush with softer bristles.

5. How can I get one?

If you’re unsatisfied with your uneven gum line, you can always consult your local dentist for a laser gum reshaping procedure. The dentist will help you decide whether you actually need the cosmetic treatment and will also guide you through the process.

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