• The Perks of Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Tooth fillings become necessary if your teeth have developed a cavity or are in the process of decaying. But while fillings are useful, they usually have an impact on the person’s confidence—adding to feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment.

  • ‘5’ Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

    You’re wearing the perfect outfit; your hair is set, shoes are sparkling… but wait! Just when you’re feeling your complete best, someone calls you out for your bad breath.

  • How to Detect A Tooth Cavity Before it Gets Worse

    Toothaches can an extremely uncomfortable, especially if you don’t know why they’re happening. But in a large number of cases, the cause is tooth decay.

  • Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush. Which is Better for Your Kid?

    Teaching your child about oral care can be a challenging task. They may complain about the toothpaste’s taste or the feel of the toothbrush and continuously bring up several reasons not to brush their teeth.

  • Why You Should Take Care of Your Aging Mouth

    As we grow older, somethings in life can fall wayward. For most people, dental hygiene stops becoming a priority once they start to age.

  • The Dangers of DIY Braces

    The growing trend of DIY braces is becoming a concern for many dentists. Various videos circulating on social media platforms show impressionable teenagers damaging their oral cavities by creating and installing homemade braces.

  • Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

    There are multiple myths associated with the process of Teeth Whitening that people still believe in. Some of them are listed in the below info-graphic:

  • Why Do I Have White Spots on My Teeth?

    If you’ve recently noticed white spots on your teeth, there can be many reasons why they’re surfacing. Lifestyle changes, health problems, and poor dental hygiene can contribute to the discoloration of your pearly whites and lead to undesirable spots.

  • Tips for Tooth-Smart Snacking

    Stress and anxiety levels have risen for people all over the world amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. These challenging times can prompt some people to find comfort in food. While most people are vocal about unwanted weight gain, constantly snacking on comfort food can also lead to tooth damage and corrosion.