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Laser Dentistry — Is it Really Painless?

For many, dental appointments are plain scary. A dentist is putting in sharp tools, metal instruments, and noisy drills in your mouth, and you’re supposed to act natural? No wonder so many people avoid getting dental treatments until they absolutely have to. Thankfully, with the advancement in technology, more comfortable treatment options are now available. Laser …

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How Choosing Sedation Dentistry Can Change Your Dental Experience

Dental anxiety is a real thing. According to research, approximately 36% of people are affected by dental anxiety, while 12% have extreme dental fear. People avoid going to dental appointments until their condition worsens, and they are left with no other choice. This aversion to getting dental treatment is not great for your dental health. If …

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Preventive Dental Care Can Help you Save money

Preventive dentistry includes actively taking care of your oral health to avoid dental issues like cavities, enamel erosion, gum diseases, and more. It includes two things: Taking care of your teeth and gums by brushing and flossing daily. Regular dental visits for early detection and treatment of dental issues. How Preventive Dentistry Can Save Your Money …

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Post-Operative Dental Care Instructions

Following proper care instructions after any dental treatment is very important. In addition, following guidelines after oral surgery is critical to ensuring normal recovery and avoiding problems. You should wait two hours following surgery before eating to allow the anesthetic to wear off. Attempting to eat before this could result in soft tissue damage because you won’t …