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Teeth Whitening

Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Good for You?

Do you think your smile isn’t bright enough? Don’t worry. You and 90% of orthodontist’s patients feel that way. According to an orthodontist survey, the demand for teeth whitening has significantly increased in the last two decades. With the rising number of dental products claiming to whiten your teeth and advertisements showing the brightest of …

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Teeth Whitening

How Professional Teeth Whitening can Change your Life

Not having a pearly white smile is such a turn-off! It shatters a person’s self-confidence, reducing their potential to achieve more extraordinary things in life. People are often seen spending a great deal of money on professional teeth whitening procedures. Studies claim that by 2024, the global teeth whitening products market will grow to 7.4 billion a …

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The Dangers of DIY Braces

The growing trend of DIY braces is becoming a concern for many dentists. Various videos circulating on social media platforms show impressionable teenagers damaging their oral cavities by creating and installing homemade braces.