Things You Should Know About Dental Insurance

If you’ve ever had a serious toothache before, you know how sizable an impact dental care has on our lives. Dental care is essential for your oral health and well-being. But, getting dental work done is heavy on the pocket and can greatly affect your monthly budget.

One way to soften the impact is dental insurance. Before signing up for any kind insurance, research is pertinent. Here are 3 things you need to know before you apply for dental insurance.

What Dental Insurance Covers

Most dental insurance plans cover your losses to decrease the financial burden of your teeth. They cover general dentistry, orthodontics, preventative care and restorative services. However, you need to be entirely sure of your coverage plans, as many vary. If you already have a dentist, it would be best to take their advice and recommend a plan. Make sure you know if your dental policy covers emergencies and choose a plan that covers dental services.

Frequency and Timing of Dental Procedures

Most dental plans have time limits and waiting periods. Some policies have waiting periods of 3 to 6 months between dental services, while some cover only certain services each year. It’s important to know what your dental policy states before scheduling appointments. Before selecting your plan, discuss with your dentist how many times a year you’ll require certain services and procedures.

Types of Dental Plans

When choosing a dental plan, it can get overwhelming to choose between many options. The most common dental plans are PPO, DHMO and Discount Plans. Under Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, you can only go to dentists within the PPO network to receive your full benefits. PPO will only cover the services of in-network dentists.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) is quite similar to health insurance. Dentists who are part of the DHMO, get a fee that covers your services for you. Dentists will be paid whether you use their services or not. Discount plans help you save money on restorative services and preventative care. These plans decrease the costs of treatments that aren’t covered in your insurance.

All this information can be overwhelming, but you needn’t worry! West Hills Smiles understands the importance of affordable dental care and offers regular special plans to make dental health more accessible. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with Woodland Hills’ leading dentists at West Hills Smiles to make sure you get a dental policy best suited for your financial and dental needs.