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Teeth Whitening

3 Things to Avoid While Whitening Teeth

Professional teeth whitening can be quite an intimidating experience but it’s worth the investment. According to market analysts, professional teeth whitening is a $3.2 billion global industry. People have started opting for cosmetic teeth bleaching more and compared to drug store teeth whitening techniques over time. Given its perks, reliability and endurance, getting your teeth whitened …

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Teeth Whitening

How Professional Teeth Whitening can Change your Life

Not having a pearly white smile is such a turn-off! It shatters a person’s self-confidence, reducing their potential to achieve more extraordinary things in life. People are often seen spending a great deal of money on professional teeth whitening procedures. Studies claim that by 2024, the global teeth whitening products market will grow to 7.4 billion a …

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Tips for Tooth-Smart Snacking

Stress and anxiety levels have risen for people all over the world amid the global COVID-19 outbreak. These challenging times can prompt some people to find comfort in food. While most people are vocal about unwanted weight gain, constantly snacking on comfort food can also lead to tooth damage and corrosion.

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4 Simple Ways of Keeping Your Mouth Healthy

Brushing, rinsing, and flossing are the basic requirements of good oral health. However, excessive consumption of harmful food items coupled with bad oral habits wreak havoc on our teeth and gums. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy mouth doesn’t require expensive surgical procedures and only demands that we adopt a few, healthy habits.